James Harden Looking Like James Harden Again in Brooklyn

Liam McKeone
James Harden
James Harden / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

James Harden successfully forced his way out of Houston after complaining long enough about it all, and is now a member of the Brooklyn Nets. He will make his debut on Saturday night. During pregame warmups, he looked like the same Harden we'd come to know during all those years as a Rocket.

Specifically, Harden looks in shape again. He didn't look quite like that when he first showed up to Rockets camp.

Camera angles are a funny thing, and I should note that the picture on the left was definitely just not a flattering angle. It is literally impossible to lose that much weight in less than a week. People who might be tempted to call him fat in the former picture would be in the wrong.

But it is comical to imagine Harden wearing a fat suit or something, all in a grand effort to get traded. Hats off to him, because whatever he did, it worked.

And if Harden really did manage to execute a plan of gaining weight in Houston and then shedding it immediately as soon as it suited him, I would like his nutritionist's number.