Rockets Fans Had a Mixed Reaction to James Harden's Return to Houston

Stephen Douglas
James Harden
James Harden / Bob Levey/Getty Images

James Harden spent just over eight seasons with the Houston Rockets before forcing a trade to the Brooklyn Nets earlier this year. On Wednesday night Harden, who is currently playing out of his mind, returned to Houston for the first time since the trade and during introductions he got... a reaction of some sort. You be the judge of the reaction because we honestly aren't sure.

You can hear some boos and some cheers and lots of polite clapping. It was impossible to tell when the Rockets only have seating at 20% capacity. Then another 15% of the seats are filled by cardboard cutouts.

Then midway through the first quarter the Rockets ran a tribute to Harden who won three scoring titles and an MVP to go along with some deep playoff runs.

The reaction to that was a bit warmer. No matter how fans feel, the organization is committed to making things good with The Beard. They also announced they would be retiring his number at some point.