James Harden Forgot How to Basketball Against the Detroit Pistons

Stephen Douglas
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

James Harden had a season-high nine turnovers in a 96-90 Brooklyn Nets win over the Detroit Pistons on Friday night. The worst of the turnovers was this one in the third quarter when Harden was just about to get into his bag of tricks when Saddiq Bey stuck his hand in and poked the ball away. Harden jogged to catch up wtih the ball as it rolled into the backcourt and then it's unclear what went through his mind.

Harden never actually tried to recover the ball. He was either expecting a whistle for a backcourt violation or just thought the ball was going to roll out of bounds. Either way, Bey picked the ball up and took it in for an easy dunk. You can actually see Harden start to react, but then stop.

Bey appears to be the only person who did not immediately have his brain broken by Harden on this play. Announcers, teammates, fans... everyone else was paralzyed with confusion by this play.

Harden actually moved up to 7th all-time in career triple-doubles last night as he had 10 rebounds and 10 assists to go along with a pedestrian 13 points.