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James Harden Fires Back at Antoine Walker Over Criticism

Brian Giuffra
James Harden
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What is it about former NBA players taking shots at the current group of stars? If it isn't Shaq getting into it with Donovan Mitchell it's Charles Barkley criticizing Kyrie Irving.

This week, a new retired player entered the fray. Antoine Walker, a three-time All-Star and one-time champion, shared some strong thoughts on James Harden, saying, among other things, "I'm not a James Harden guy, and it's not personal but you can't win with that style." Walker said the Celtics were lucky to have not traded for Harden and criticized Harden for dribbling too much.

Of course, the media shared these thoughts with Harden ahead of his ninth All-Star game tonight. Harden shrugged off Walker's criticism but finished with a shot at him.

"Stuff like that I don’t pay attention to, especially somebody that has no credibility."

James Harden

Here's the video.

A great rebuttal from Harden. Dismiss the critique with an informative explanation, deflect how much you care and then throw a little dig in at the end. That's trolling 101. Of course, Walker put himself in this position by questioning whether Harden could win a title or not and the ultimate comeback by Harden would be winning a title. If he does that, expect Walker to get called out again...and again...and again.