James Dolan Reminds Everyone He Is Not Selling the Knicks

Liam McKeone
Madison Square Garden, which James Dolan will not sell
Madison Square Garden, which James Dolan will not sell / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Knicks and their fans have been in a state of abject misery for most of this century. The frustration with owner James Dolan and his various missteps has reached a boiling point over the last few years. Fans are constantly calling for him to sell the team, which reportedly upsets him quite a bit. The fact that he fired both head coach David Fizdale and President of Basketball Operations Steve Mills within two months of each other has not helped matters, to say the least.

Dolan took to the Knicks' PR account after the NBA trade deadline today to provide an update on a search for a new president. He also took the opportunity to remind everyone that, no, he will not be selling the team.

Nobody actually thought Dolan will sell the Knicks. Fans have grown used to the fact that their prayers will forever be unanswered, and shouting their pleas in the middle of another Knicks loss is just a coping mechanism born from decades of frustration rather than a belief that it will actually change anything. There have been no rumors of any type that Dolan would even consider the proposition.

But apparently, this billionaire has skin so thin he wanted to remind everyone, AGAIN, that he is the owner and will not sell the team. As if anyone could forget.