James Corden Calls the European Super League 'Disgraceful'

James Cordon
James Cordon / Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

James Corden has a unique perspective on the European Super League that you probably won't get from any of the other late night hosts on American television. Last night, Corden was just another distressed English football fan dedicating six full minutes to the topic. It's unlikely any other late night host would spend that much time on European football unless Jason Sudekis was involved.

Corden echoed the feelings of many fans, saying Super League news came with the realization that the current owners don't care about anyone but themselves.

"If anything, I would say that they look at the historical fanbases of every single club with disdain. Right? They want a closed shop where the rich get richer. They don't care if the teams that are below them struggle, they'll take the money and secure that money regardless of performances and regardless of success on the pitch. It's disgraceful."

That seems like a pretty good summary of the motivations behind the league as well as the feelings of most fans.