James Conner Surprising His Dad With a New Truck is Wholesome Content

Liam McKeone
James Conner and his dad
James Conner and his dad /

A lot of people might be finding it tough to stay positive right now. I certainly am. Between the global pandemic and the week of protests following the death of George Floyd, there isn't a lot of optimism to go around.

Things will get better, as they often do. But for now, enjoy this uplifting video of Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner surprising his father, Glen Conner, with a brand-new truck.

Just extremely wholesome content here. I very much enjoy watching athletes surprise their parents with gifts after they get paid. Only a parent can understand how much work, time, and money goes into raising an athlete. To see their son or daughter make it to the highest level is enough reward in of itself, but gifts like a new truck surely can't hurt.

Conner is a stand-up dude and it's great to see him spoil his dad. A pure video in these times.