Jameis Winston: Burger King Soda Theft Police Call Finally Made Public

Ryan Glasspiegel

When Jameis Winston got cited for shoplifting crab legs from Publix, one of the tangents of the story was that he had also been accused in 2013 of stealing Burger King soda in a ketchup cup. More than anything, that “new” incident really begged the question about how many illegal refills one would need to take in order to have a truly satisfying beverage experience, and how that could possibly worth it.

Nevertheless, TMZ managed to track down audio of the phone call to police. “I need three teenagers removed from my store right away,” the Burger King manager said on the phone. “I caught one of them stealing soda. I told them over and over again that it was theft. He said he didn’t care, and now he’s fighting with me, and refuses to leave. [All three of them are] male, black, six foot. And I’m like a five-foot little white girl, so they’re not going to listen to me no matter what I say.”

Winston was not charged in this incident because the Burger King owner did not press charges.

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