Jamal Adams Had a Short, Tense Exchange With Pete Carroll on Seahawks Sideline

Stephen Douglas
Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Jamal Adams was brought to Seattle to strengthen the defense, but the Seahawks have the worst defense in the league (outside of the Cowboys). This Sunday in Buffalo, the Seahawks gave up a ton of passing yards to Josh Allen in the first half as they fell behind 24-10. Adams, in his first game in a month because he's dealing with a groin injury, has not been great in coverage.

Things boiled over in the third quarter when Adams appeared to express some words of frustration with Pete Carroll. It was a quick interaction, but considering the circumstances, neither guy appeared to be in a good mood.

Adams has not signed a new deal since the Seahawks gave the Jets two first-round picks for the safety.