Jalen Rose Thinks Kevin Durant Will Go to the Knicks

Ryan Glasspiegel

Kevin Durant is one of the few athletes on the planet who has the leverage to command a long-term max contract despite the fact that he is unlikely to play or at least be near 100% next season after rupturing his Achilles. Nonetheless, because when healthy he is arguably the best player on Earth, he does, and what he winds up deciding in the coming weeks is a matter of much intrigue.

On Get Up this morning, Jalen Rose opined that he thinks Durant goes to New York, believing that Durant would not give the Warriors the level of “autonomy” to sign him to the five-year max and then trade him to a preferred destination. Not letting him off the hook that easily, Mike Greenberg pressed Jalen to specify which New York team and Jalen said the Knicks.

Said Rose: “I still feel like if you’re gonna leave the Golden State Warriors, it’s not just about the rings — he got two there. It’s not just about the money, because he could get more there. It’s the stage. And if you’re gonna come to New York City, that’s at MSG.”

To be clear, this was Rose’s opinion as opposed to being couched as reporting, but it’s still worth noting. Should be a fun next couple weeks as this all gets settled.