Jalen Rose Sticking With Kevin Durant to Knicks Despite Andre Iguodala Saying Otherwise

Ryan Glasspiegel

As NBA free agent rumor season continues inexorably on, we had a good old fashioned disagreement in opinion on Monday. Jalen Rose believed Kevin Durant was going to the Knicks. Andre Iguodala, a teammate of Durant’s in Golden State, went on CNBC and said no one is going there.

On Get Up this morning, Jalen stuck to his guns:

“You don’t leave the Golden State Warriors and then go to the B-team in the New York market,” Jalen said. “It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

There was a little bit more of a qualification than yesterday, because today Jalen granted more of a possibility that the injury will cause Durant to stay with the Warriors. But if he leaves, Jalen said, it’ll be to MSG.

At a certain level, we are all the character in Princess Bride putting his own mind into a pretzel about which glass the poison is in when we try to apply logic to NBA free agency. The good news is we’re a week or two away from having a fully completed puzzle before the cycle instantaneously begins anew for July 2020.