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Jalen Rose Roasted Jay Williams With an 'I Got Hacked' Joke on NBA Countdown

Stephen Douglas
Jalen Rose roasts Jay Williams on NBA Countdown.
Jalen Rose roasts Jay Williams on NBA Countdown. /

Jay Williams is on quite a run in June. He fell under Kevin Durant's crosshairs when he revealed a conversation the two had that Durant said they didn't. Earlier this week there was a tweet on his Twitter account congratulating Ime Udoka on becoming the Boston Celtics "first head coach of color." After spending some time getting roasted for the extremely inaccuate tweet, Williams denied he was the one to write that tweet, saying, "I did not post that & my passcode has now been changed."

On NBA Countdown ahead of last night's Clippers-Suns game Williams called out Jalen Rose for talking about how good the Bucks were defensively before they failed to stop Trae Young. Rose then interjected to say, "I got hacked."

This was excellent delivery by Rose. Unfortunately, they cut to a highlight so we couldn't see the faces of Maria Taylor and Adrian Wojnarowski, but you can clearly hear Taylor laughing.