Jalen Rose Moved to Tears Talking About His Mother and Grandmother on NBA Countdown

Maria Taylor and Jalen Rose on NBA Countdown.
Maria Taylor and Jalen Rose on NBA Countdown. /

Jalen Rose broke down in tears on NBA Countdown this afternoon following a segment about how his mother named him and how the name Jalen became popular after his rise at Michigan. For Rose, it was emotional because this is the first Mother's Day he is without his mother, Jeanne, and grandmother. Mary Belle Hicks. It was an incredibly touching moment with Maria Taylor helping to comfort Rose.

Rose's mother is the originator of the name Jalen, which is now everywhere.

ESPN Daily looked into the claim a couple weeks ago.

As for Rose's grandmother, she once trash talked Sister Jean, so she's a legend for that alone.

Thoughts to Rose today and to all the mother's impacting their child the way Rose was by the two matriarchs in his life.