Jalen Rose: Michael Jordan Would Average 47.5 Per Game in Today's NBA

Stephen Douglas
Jalen Rose and MIchael Jordan
Jalen Rose and MIchael Jordan / JOHN RUTHROFF/Getty Images

This morning on Get Up, Mike Wilbon said that LeBron James and Kevin Durant wouldn't have "dominated" in the 80s. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard -- wait. Never mind. Jalen Rose said that Jordan would average 47.5 points per game if he played today. Somehow Wilbon didn't even manage to utter the most ridiculous thing said in a one-minute span.

I mean, come on. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player ever. Ditto for most popular basketball player ever. People have strong opinions and that sometimes leads to very strong opinions on other players in defense of Jordan's legacy. That's how you get Rose saying Jordan could simply make one more field goal per quarter and average 10 more points than his career high today.

Only one person has ever averaged more than 40 points per game for an entire season. Wilt Chamberlain, and he did it twice. There were nine teams in the league back then. It's just an absurd claim based on no factual reality. If he can say that they I can say LeBron would have averaged 50 in the 80s. There's no way to prove me wrong.