Jalen Rose Explains Why Fans and Media Are to Blame for Load Management in the NBA

Stephen Douglas
Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons / Leon Halip/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard is not playing tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks. Leonard will miss his second game in eight days because of load management. Both of those games just happened to be broadcast on ESPN, so no one besides Kawhi's aching back is happy with the decision.

Whose fault is this? ESPN's Jalen Rose blames the fans and media.

So players only care about championships because fans only care about championships and that's why players rest? Talk about dumbing something down. That is a very large leap and at best it's a chicken vs. egg debate. Do players only care about titles because fans do? Or do fans only care about titles because players do?

If fans never judged players by championships, would players go back to playing every night until their bodies fell apart because they love the game so much? Would the ultimate goal no longer be to win a title? This is completely backwards thinking. Players rest because it's what's best for themselves and, in the long run, their teams.