Jalen Rose Doesn't See Kevin Durant Playing on Friday


The Warriors were a depleted shell of themselves on Wednesday night in a Game 3 home loss against the Raptors. Therefore, the question becomes if and when Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant will return to the lineup. Reading the tea leaves it sounds a bit like Thompson has a decent shot to be back for Game 4 on Friday, but Durant is less of a certainty.

After Game 3, Brian Windhorst said that Durant’s availability would in large part depend on how he held up in a practice on Thursday, with the caveat being that it wasn’t going to be a standard practice given the fatigue and short turnaround of the games and would thus be players from the end of the Warriors’ bench and the G League.

Appearing on Get Up this morning, at the 7-minute mark of the video above, Jalen Rose was of the belief that this would be an insufficient tune-up for Durant given that he’s been out for a month. While everyone thought this season was going to be a cakewalk towards a third consecutive Golden State championship, seeing if they can win either without Durant or with him being limited by the calf injury is going to be quite interesting.