Jalen Rose Discusses the Ascent of Durant and the Kurse of the Kardashians

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jalen Rose — who is an analyst on ESPN’s NBA Countdown, co-host of the Jalen & Jacoby program on ESPN Radio, and founder of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy — joins the podcast for the second time. We discussed:

  • The maturation of Kevin Durant, and why it wouldn’t have been enough for him to ride coattails of his Warriors teammates in these Finals.
  • LeBron’s supporting cast not stepping up. Kyle Korver missing an open 3-pointer. Tristan Thompson’s disappearing act in these finals, when his performance was so crucial to the Cavs’ victory last year. What is going on with him? Is the Kurse of the Kardashians real?
  • What can the Cavs do this offseason to get on the Warriors’ level?
  • The Lonzo Ball/LaVar Ball dynamic with the Lakers.

Hope you enjoy!