Jalen Rose's Barber is the Real MVP

Kyle Koster
Jalen Rose before the transformation.
Jalen Rose before the transformation. / Leon Halip/Getty Images

When this video first came across the transom, I thought it was just a guy with passionate and accurate opinions about Jalen Rose's new look. But it's even better. This appears to be the man behind the best hairline in sports — a man whose business card says barber but soul screams artist and hands scream surgeon.

Rose is a walking masterpiece. Scholars could study what's going on north of the eyebrows for decades and still be split on the issue. There's just so much to dissect. And some things are best left a mystery, like the follicle version of Nazca lines.

If you're thinking, 'hey man isn't it a little late to be chiming in on the new Jalen' ... well, probably. Yet some things are timeless. Like sporting a design that is Option C for a logo after the merger of Bike, Pony, and Macgregor sporting goods companies.