Jalen Rose Admits He Was Wrong About Kawhi Leonard


On Get UpJalen Rose reacted to being 100 percent wrong a week after saying Kawhi Leonard, of the Clippers, was 99 percent going to stay with the Toronto Raptors:

Rose said his “prediction” was wrong, which leads to a bigger problem. There are so many of these things being thrown out there right now, hybrids of a report and a prediction. Then when they turn out wrong, which is becoming the new norm, they say: “Well, it was just my prediction.” But if you go back and watch the tape, they are clearly more than predictions and much closer to “reports” based on alleged inside information. These are the same media people that demand credit when their report “prediction” turns out correct.

As The Big Lead pointed out, Rose was far from the only one who ended up embarrassingly wrong on what Leonard was going to do. And he did technically admit he was wrong, as opposed to most who have run from publicly acknowledging it.

Part of this is due to NBA free agency rumors becoming a game with no consequences. The craving of the fans for these types of rumors is so strong that there is literally no downside for these reporters and personalities ending up completely wrong. But with major upside in terms of attention.

Let the Russell Westbrook rumors begin.