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Jalen Ramsey Rolls Up to Bucs-Rams in Sweet Suit

Liam McKeone
Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey /

Jalen Ramsey is one of the league's standout players both on and off the field. Ever the entertainer, Ramsey showed up to today's marquee matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dressed to impress.

He's wearing a sweet mariachi suit and rolled up in a sick car, both items synced up with Rams colors. It's pretty cool.

If I had as much money as Ramsey does, I would dress like this all the time. And drive that car all the time. It wouldn't matter if I was showing up to Taco Bell, I'd be rocking this kind of sick gear.

We'll see in a few hours if Ramsey's play will be as outstanding as his attire.