Jalen Hurts Gets Very Questionable Spot as Oklahoma Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive

Stephen Douglas
TCU v Oklahoma
TCU v Oklahoma / Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners survived against TCU on Saturday to keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive. The win was not without controversy as Jalen Hurts got a very favorable -- and questionable -- spot on third and 1 to clinch the game.

Hurts rushed into a pile and appeared to be short of the line. The play was reviewed and Oklahoma was awarded a first down. FOX's rules analyst Dean Blandino, along with most non-Sooner fan viewers, seemed less than convinced that the spot was accurate.

None of that matters now though. Combined with Oregon and Penn State loses, the Sooners win (at home, over a 5-win team) will move them up in the polls as they improve to 10-1.