Jake Tapper Urges Viewers to 'Trust the Process' During Election Coverage

Ryan Phillips
CNN's Jake Tapper
CNN's Jake Tapper /

CNN anchor Jake Tapper grew up in Philadelphia and was a big 76ers fan. In fact, he's said one of his best memories is attending Julius Erving's final game with the franchise. Armed with that information, it's not surprising that he busted out an homage to the Sixers during Friday night's election coverage.

Tapper pressed for patience from his audience as election workers in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania work to count every ballot. He said, "As we say in Philadelphia: Trust the process."

Check it out:


A lot of cable news folks have stepped into the limelight over the past week and become stars. I'd argue no one has seen their star rise as high as CNN's John King and MSNBC's Kornacki for their use of their networks' "magic wall" technology. I'd also give a nod to Phil Mattingly for performing admirably in relief of King on CNN as well. Tapper invoking "trust the process" in relation to the election definitely earned him some points.