Jake Paul Walks Back Claims He Has "Early Signs of CTE"

Jake Paul v Ben Askren - News Conference
Jake Paul v Ben Askren - News Conference / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jake Paul will box MMA fighter Ben Askren in a pay-per-view event tomorrow night. During a press conference on Thursday, Paul told reporters that he had "early signs of CTE." This was his way of telling everyone how serious he was about boxing. Today he awkwardly clarified the CTE claim on Twitter.

Here's the tweet.

It is unclear if this means he does or does not have "early signs of CTE." I'm certainly not doubting he could. If he's been boxing and getting hit in the head, it's a very real possibility. It's just weird that the tweet sounds equally like he's taking it back and trying to have it somehow stricken from the public record. True or not, maybe they just don't think pointing out the longterm dangers of the sport are the best way to sell this fight or justify future boxing paydays.