Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley Press Conference Ends in Chaos as Woodley's Mom Gets Into It With Paul's Entourage

Stephen Douglas

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul had their pre-fight press conference today. At the end, while pictures were being taken, Woodley's mother got into a verbal altercation with someone from Jake Paul's entrouage. Things escalated as Woodley told someone not to talk to his mother and then another woman got involved.

Warning: There's lots of NSFW language in the following videos.

Woodley was visibily upset about the incident and had to be led away.

Normally, when things escalate at a press conference, you assume it's for show, to help sell the fight, but this seemed extremely extracurricular. Mothers do not usually talk trash to sell pay-per-views. And if one was involved, you would not expect it to be Deborah Woodley.