Tyron Woodley to Jake Paul: 'Ask These Nuts'

Liam McKeone

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul are slated to face off in the boxing ring on Sunday via Showtime pay-per-view. The lead-up has been chock-full of the antics we now associate with a Paul celebrity boxing match. Part of that lead-up was a sitdown interview between the two on Showtime last night.

There were several notable soundbites that came out of that interview, but this is easily the best. Paul was insisting that his fights lead to the biggest paydays his opponents have ever had the pleasure of receiving. He rattled off names of the fighters on Sunday's card, claiming it would be the biggest payday of their careers. Then he said Woodley's name. Woodley responded, "Ask these nuts."

Ice cold. Woodley has been entertaining and fully playing into the silly drama that is a Paul brother fight. This was merely his latest quality act.

It'll be an interesting fight or whatever but I doubt anyone stepping into the ring with this Paul will be able to top Woodley's interview.