Jake Marisnick Suspended Two Games For Collision With Jonathan Lucroy

Liam McKeone

Just before the All-Star break, Jake Marisnick sent Jonathan Lucroy to the hospital following a violent collision at home plate. Marisnick said all the right things, apologizing profusely and saying it was a poor judgement call, not an intentional attempt to deck Lucroy.

Accident or no, MLB doesn’t like those kinds of collisions at home plate. As a result, the league has suspended Marisnick for two games.

All things considered, it seems like a fair punishment. Collisions at the plate result only in injuries on both sides, and the league didn’t use too heavy of a hand to reprimand Marisnick. Two games is about right for an infraction like this.

Maybe it would be different if Lucroy didn’t end up in the hospital. Nonetheless, the Astros will be without Marisnick for a short time after the All-Star break.