VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal Scores Controversial Victory and DQ at UFC 285

Stephen Douglas
Jake Gyllenhaal in the UFC for 'Road House.'
Jake Gyllenhaal in the UFC for 'Road House.' /

Jake Gyllenhaal is filming bits of his Road House remake this weekend at UFC 285 in Las Vegas. That means he showed up looking jacked as hell at weigh-ins on Friday. On Saturday night, he got in the cage between real fights and filmed a very quick scene in front of the audience who came to see Jon Jones fight for the first time in three years and somehow saw an even bigger star enter the cage for a controversial fight.

Gyllenhaal immediately found himself taking some big shots with his back against the cage before staging an impressive comeback victory. To the naked eye, this looks like it might have been staged. Unfortunately, he didn't want to stop after the ref stopped the fight which is probably why he gets kicked out of the UFC and has to go to work as a bouncer.

Hard to believe that this was once going to be Ronda Rousey's big leading role. Maybe the biggest upset of the night is that this movie is finally being made with anyone at all.