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Funniest Team Account Tweet of 2020? This From the Jacksonville Jaguars

Kyle Koster
Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Team accounts simply cannot win and too many people spend all their time online only trying to dunk on others. Bambi's mother wasn't entirely incorrect when she advocated staying silent over saying something less than kind. At the same time, if we can't laugh at stuff that's proven objectively hilarious through truth and time (advanced Justin Bobby metrics there), is not all lost?

For instance, months ago the Jacksonville Jaguars won their season opener against Indianapolis. They proclaimed that they were not satisfied with the 1-0 record. So unsatisfied, in fact, that there was steam coming out of both their shared nostrils.

The Jags then proceeded to lose all of their 15 remaining games. Those operating the account had to send out hundreds, if not thousands of tweets over that span, hoping against hope this one would never come up again.

But no. That's never how it happens.

In the interest of goodwill, though, let's turn a perceived negative into a positive. Let's manufacture a fake award and give it to them as a celebration of life's windy roads. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. And one day of sunshine out of 16 weeks' worth of darkness is nothing to scoff at because things could always be worse.