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Gus Johnson's Call of Jaguars' 109-Yard Touchdown Return is Incredible

Liam McKeone
Jamal Agnew taking it home
Jamal Agnew taking it home /

Gus Johnson is calling the Cardinals-Jaguars game today, which means something insane was inevitably going to happen. Johnson invites chaos.

First, a referee threw a flag that hit a football and caused a muffed punt. Weird, but not weird enough. Kliff Kingsbury thankfully obliged the viewers by trying a 68-yard field goal with Matt Prater as time expired in the first half. Prater was short, Jamal Agnew caught the attempt, and ran it 109 yards back. Johnson went berserk. It was beautiful.

No announcer was made for this kind of play quite like Johnson. He can create excitement on any call out of nothing, so when something actually, truly exciting happens, he creates art. A magnificent call.