Jaguars Mascot Only Wearing Speedo For Ravens Game

Liam McKeone

The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Baltimore Ravens at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday. The Jags are coming off a bye so the home fans were amped up to see their team play again. And for some reason the mascot was only wearing an American flag speedo.

The man in the costume kept the Jaguars head but appears to have simply donned body paint and the speedo for today's matchup.

It is 75 degrees in Jacksonville today and it probably gets steamy in a full mascot costume. So he's probably pleased he got the green light to stay cool today.

After the Jags' first touchdown of the day the mascot celebrated by humping the air, which hits different when said mascot is only wearing a speedo.

A strange sight at an NFL game but it is Jacksonville so maybe it isn't all that weird. Jason Mendoza greatly approves.