Jaguars Lineman Jawaan Taylor Caught a 400-Pound Grouper

Liam McKeone
Jawaan Taylor
Jawaan Taylor / Jawaan Taylor's Twitter

The ocean is vast and filled with an almost unimaginable variety of life that we haven't even scratched the surface of exploring. These were my thoughts when a video of Jacksonville Jaguars lineman Jawaan Taylor catching a 400-pound grouper crossed my timeline.

Four. Hundred. Pounds.

I mean that's insanity! Look at how small Taylor, a professional athlete whose job is to be as large a human as possible, looks next to this thing.

I will also say it's a testament to Taylor's strength that he was able to reel it in on his own. I am no fishing expert, but from other large fish videos I have perused, it's usually a three or four-person effort. Breaking news: NFL offensive lineman is strong. Still!

An absolute monstrosity of a beast. Taylor will be eating well tonight, that's for sure.