Jacksonville Jaguars Solemnly Set Clocks to Correct Time

Kyle Koster
Doug Marrone
Doug Marrone / Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars dismissed Tom Coughlin yesterday. It was an unceremonious end for a man who helped put the franchise on the map and could end up in the Hall of Fame. But that's big-picture stuff. The more immediate issue at hand for the team was tasking someone to go around and set the clocks to the proper time.

And folks, mission accomplished.

Coughlin is notorious for his no-nonsense approach-- which includes physically moving time ahead five minutes. It's the same trick my dad tried to use at my house so we could get places on time, only with better results.

We barely made it to church. Coughlin won two Super Bowls.

But no longer. The Jaguars' clocks are now in line with the rest of the world. Odds are they'll stay there because not everyone is as passionate about punctuality.

Truly the end of an era.