Jaden Ivey Pulled a Chris Webber, Called a Timeout He Didn't Have

Kyle Koster
Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons aren't exactly incentivized to win a bunch of basketball games down the stretch as they have one eye on the NBA Draft Lottery. But to their credit, they are definitely trying even if victories continued to be elusive. They found a new way to lose Wednesday night against the Chicago Bulls, one that brings up bad memories for the Michigan Wolverines crossover fans.

Trailing 114-112 with 9.7 seconds to play, rookie Jaden Ivey was tasked with making an inbounds pass from the half court stripe. As a five-second violation crept closer, he opted to call timeout so the Pistons could try it again. The only problem with such a plan is that they didn't have any remaining.

The old Chris Webber move, which was somehow made famous 30 years ago. Thirty! A thing you cannot joke about near strangers in this state. A dangerous game you do not want to play.

As a result, Chicago got a free throw and possession. Detroit would ultimately lose, 117-115. When is that lottery again?