Jacoby Brissett Just Proved The NFL's Concussion Protocol Is A Joke

Ryan Phillips

Jacoby Brissett showed all the signs of a concussed quarterback on Sunday, yet the Indianapolis Colts somehow let him stay in the game. It was just one more example of how the NFL’s concussion protocol is a joke.

Late in the third quarter of the Colts eventual loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brissett took a helmet-to-helmet hit. He immediately grabbed his head, appeared to go limp, then had to be helped up and off the field.


Somehow, he was right back in the game when the Colts got the ball back. After that play Brissett completed two of six passes, threw an interception and took two sacks.

After the game, the Colts announced Brissett “developed symptoms after the game” and was now in the concussion protocol. That’s just absolutely ridiculous. Those symptoms were obvious for all to see during the game.

Concussion expert Dr. Chris Nowinski even chimed in to shame the NFL:

It’s a joke and something has to change.