SNY Production of Jacob deGrom Warming Up to 'Simple Man' Is Incredible

Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Jacob deGrom is back with the New York Mets, lifting hope that it could be a special fall in Queens. He's been predictably unhittable in his two starts this year, compiling 18 strikeouts and 0.47 WHIP. deGrom made his first appearance of the season yesterday at Citi Field and it delivered on every expectation. SNY, which does an incredible job with its presentation in addition to sporting one of the best booths around, captured the moment he took the mound and threw his warmup pitches. And although there was no actual competition happening, it's one of the coolest images of the baseball year.

He's a rare look at one of the most dominant pitchers of his era readying his craft to the dulcet tones of Lynard Skynyrd's Simple Man, complete with cinematic cuts to create an atmosphere we so rarely get to enjoy.

Unsure what award these 87 seconds are eligible for, but whatever it is, they should win going away.