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There Was a Jacked Referee Working the Ohio - Virginia Game

Stephen Douglas
Officials review a call in the Ohio - Virginia game.
Officials review a call in the Ohio - Virginia game. /

The Ohio Bobcats upset the Virginia Cavaliers in the West's 4-13 matchup. Late in the game officials went to the replay monitor to review a call and make sure everything was correct for the final seconds of regulation. Meanwhile, fans watching the game on TruTV had front row seats to the gun show.

Look, there's no shame in noticing. That guy clearly works out. The crew working the Ohio - Virginia game did their best to stay out of the way, but they couldn't hide the jacked official from America forever. Since the NCAA had to send six officials home because of COVID protocols, we will likely see this guy again. Let's just hope he has access to the weightlifting facilities in Indianapolis.