Jack Nicklaus on LIV Golfers: 'I Don't Really Consider Those Guys Part of the Game'

The Masters - Round One
The Masters - Round One / Keyur Khamar/GettyImages

Jack Nichlaus is unconcerned about LIV golfers when it comes to PGA events. Nichlaus was asked about Brooks Koepka and Cam Smith not being in the field for The Memorial this weekend and adopted an out of sight, out of mind approach. Via SI:

“I don’t really consider those guys part of the game anymore; and I don’t mean that in a nasty way ... or really mean it that way," Nicklaus told a few reporters Tuesday at Muirfield Village Golf Club. “To me, this is a PGA Tour event and we’ve got the best field we can possibly have on the PGA Tour. Those who are eligible to be here. The other guys made a choice to go where they went. We don’t really talk about it."

Taking the We Don't Talk About Bruno approach to LIV golfers is an interesting strategy. Except in this situation Bruno isn't hiding in the walls, trying to stay quiet. He's mostly standing outside Casita complaining loudly about not being able to have access to the Encanto despite the fact that he moved.

Anyway... do you think Jack Nichlaus has seen Encanto? Someone should ask him about that instead of LIV golfers the next time he shows up at a tournament.