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Jack Mayfield's 'Foul Pole Yellow' Crayon Bat Should be on Every Back-to-School List

Stephen Douglas
Jack Mayfield
Jack Mayfield / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Cleveland Future Guardians beat the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday at the MLB Little League Classic. Cal Quantrill gave up two hits in seven innings to earn the victory. Jack Mayfield, batting ninth for the Angels, went 0-for-3 but damn he looked cool doing it with a bright yellow bat resembling a Crayola crayon.

If Crayola doesn't have a Foul Pole Yellow in the next batch of 64-packs they produce, then that's just a failure at cross-promotion. This design makes the bat look incredibly cool and also makes crayons seem incredibly badass. No offense to Mayfield, but if you give this bat to Shohei Ohtani and he hit a dinger with that thing, you don't think kids would spend more time with their coloring books the next day? This is how you create a generation of true student-athletes. Get these in stores for back-to-school shopping now!