English Soccer Player Jack Grealish Has Never Heard of an Encyclopedia

Stephen Douglas
Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish / Pool/Getty Images

Jack Grealish is hoping to make his major tournament debut at Euro 2020 on Saturday when England takes on Scotland at Wembley Stadium. Dean Smith, Grealish's manager at Aston Villa, said that the 25-year old midfielder is like "an encyclopedia of football" and a reporter asked Grealish about it during an interview today. That question led to a hilarious exchange because Grealish had obviously never heard of an encyclopedia before and the reporter had to explain what it was.

In Grealish's defense, when was the last time someone used an actual physical encyclopedia? They stopped printing Encyclopedia Britanica in 2012 when Grealish was still a teenager. And according to Wikipedia, Wikipedia went online in 2001 when Grealish was still a child.

Pretty soon encyclopedias will only exist as words. As a way to describe someone who has a lot of information. Like with Grealish when it comes to football, apparently. And now he can add encyclopedias to his area of expertise.