Ja Rule Starred in a Greek Restaurant Commercial, Knocked It Out of the Park

Liam McKeone
Ja Rule and his gyros
Ja Rule and his gyros /

Monday morning brought great news for the dozens of us who think "I wonder what Ja Rule is up to" at least once each day. The rapper's most recent business adventure is advertising for a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles named Papa Cristo's. Give your day a boost by viewing this masterpiece of a commercial:

It's perfection. The I Heart Greece shirt. The slap noise. The dancing. The rundown of his "favorite items" on the menu that he cannot come close to pronouncing. The tagline of "best motherf**king gyros you ever f**king ate in your life." The very strange graphic of who I can only assume to be Papa Cristo dancing and rapping a Ja Rule song.

Tough to trust Ja Rule after that whole Fyre Festival thing, but after seeing this, I'm fiending for some Papa Cristo's.