Ja Morant Was Called Out By Steve Adams in Grizzlies Team Meeting

Ryan Phillips
Sacramento Kings v Memphis Grizzlies
Sacramento Kings v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Ja Morant situation continues to unravel, as more revelations jump to the surface nearly every day. His personal issues have fundamentally altered a great season for the Memphis Grizzlies. That hasn't gone unnoticed by his teammates and Shams Charania is reporting veteran center Steven Adams called Morant out -- without using his name -- in a recent team meeting.

Here's Shams' report:

Adams is a respected veteran and if he was calling Morant out it means he likely spoke for the rest of their teammates. It's clear Morant's antics were causing issues for the Grizzlies, so much so that he needed to be called out by a respected member of the roster.

Now Morant is away from the team indefinitely and is being investigated by police in Colorado. I wouldn't be shocked if the NBA steps in here as well. All of his off-court behavior over the last few months is finally coming to a head and this is likely a defining moment for his career.