Ja Morant Clearly Misses Basketball as Much as the Rest of Us

Ryan Phillips
Ja Morant poster dunk.
Ja Morant poster dunk. / Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Ja Morant just wants to be on the court. The Memphis Grizzlies rookie is so sad about missing NBA games that he's even taken to doing his pre-game introductions in his house. In full uniform and everything.

Check it out:

While that's fun, it's also kind of sad. The presumptive NBA Rookie of the Year has to pretend he's running out on the court just to keep from going stir crazy. Like the rest of us, Ja just wants to play.

It's insane to think that less than a week ago, everything seemed fine. Now we're being told major sports might not be back for at least two months. It's a crazy situation we're all learning to deal with. At least the young Mr. Morant can give us a laugh with the way he's coping.

Though, if he really wanted to give us a show, why not create a personal dunk contest? We've seen him throw down some poster-dunks already. Maybe a few more on social media would make this whole thing feel better.