Ja Morant Dedicates Awesome Game to Twitter Troll

Stephen Douglas
Ja Morant was a problem for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Ja Morant was a problem for the Los Angeles Lakers. / Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Ja Morant had 27 points and 14 assists in the Memphis Grizzlies' 105-88 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. It was a big win for Memphis in a big game in a potential preview of a first round series. Not that it matters because of two ancillary NBA things. Ja tried to dunk on Anthony Davis and after the game dedicated his performance to a random person who was talking sh-t on Twitter. Let's start there.

There are so many levels to this one. First of all, Ja Morant is a 20 year old rookie. Playing for a potential 8-seed. And someone earnestly tweeted that he lost the fire in his eyes. And Morant saw that tweet and responded to it. And then apparently used it as motivation. Professional athletes and fans are insane.

As for the other thing, Twitter basically acted like the Grizzlies should raise a banner commemorating a missed dunk that resulted in an offensive foul. All hail the new king of the almost dunk.

If anyone scrolls all the way to the bottom, know that I think Morant is awesome and he should be the Rookie of the Year. These were just two of the silly things that happen on a daily basis in and around the NBA.