J.P. Arencibia Opens Baseball Tonight as Tim Kurkjian [Video]

By Tim Ryan

Last March, Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia celebrated the comical tones of Tim Kurkjian, offering up an impression of baseball’s squeakiest analyst that left Kurkjian equal parts embarrassed and amused. On Monday, Arencibia was at it again, impersonating Timmy on the opening segment of Baseball Tonight. While last year’s work seemed a bit more polished, Arencibia still delivered the goods. “Spring training home” at the 18-second mark gets me every time. And truthfully, the best part about his impression is just how much the lovable Kurkjian seems to enjoy it.

In honor of the exasperated fellow, here’s Tim Kurkjian’s most Tim Kurkjian moment. This will never, ever get old:

[h/t to Mr. Kurkjian himself]

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