It Turns Out, Skip Bayless' Dog is the True Hero of the Household

Bobby Burack
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless /

Ernestine Sclafani, who is married to Skip Bayless, returned to Undisputed this morning to chat about living with her husband throughout this football season. We all know the challenges of putting up with Bayless through the television screen and from our Twitter accounts, but living with him, that requires more insight. Sclafani talked about the year thus far, which has been, particularly, testing with the Cowboys' up-and-down campaign.

The biggest takeaway from the discussion is that it isn't Bayless' wife who is in need of props. No, it's the family dog/daughter. Meet Hazel, the little dog that has the power to change the outcomes of football games.

Bayless' social media followers will know her. She's been posted many times before, but this is the first we've heard of the impact this cute little Maltese has on, well, all our lives (as we are all watching the Cowboys).

This is certainly a family that is in need of a reality show ASAP. If E! were to launch the show next fall, the type of Cowboys and LeBron James content that would come with it could put the mystique of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Flavor of Love in jeopardy.

I must say, suddenly, Skip Bayless is looking like the least interesting character of the household.