It Sure Sounds Like the Rockets Realize Signing Carmelo Anthony Was a Huge Mistake

Bobby Burack

Let’s face it, Carmelo Anthony has been terrible for the Rockets this season and the team is suffering as a result. So much so, after only a few weeks into the season, the Rockets are already contemplating if they can even go forward with him.

The key in this report from Adrian Wojnarowski it that it says, “might still be able to.” Translation: The Rockets know they made a huge mistake and the sooner it is over, the better.

Clearly, the hope coming into the season was that Anthony could be that player who gives the Rockets that extra spark on offense to compete with the Warriors. That, of course, has not happened. Not only has Anthony not been able to be that, he has the look of a player that does not have the ability to ever be that.

Just how bad has he been? Take a look for yourself.

Maybe the Rockets will give him more time to find himself, but come on … this is a failed experiment.