It Sounds Like Todd Gurley Will Indeed Debut for the Rams Today

Ryan Glasspiegel

It’s been a little over 10 months since Todd Gurley tore his ACL, and indications are that he will make his debut for the Rams today. Albert Breer of NFL Media passes along:

"The Rams have had this week pegged for a while as the potential starting point for rookie running back Todd Gurley, and nothing they’ve seen in the last few weeks in practice has steered them off that course. They took a chance on him because they saw him as a generational talent at tailback. And the expectation is, based on how he’s looked in practice, he might have the normal rookie adjustment but won’t be hampered by the ACL injury whatsoever."

Other insiders have chimed in this morning:

It will be worth monitoring to see both how much he plays, and whether his pre-injury explosiveness remains, to use Breer’s word, “generational.”