It's Been 20 Years Since Steve Austin Doused the McMahons and The Rock With a Beer Truck Hose

Ryan Glasspiegel

It can be an exercise in futility to look back at old professional wrestling crowds and lament that they are not like that anymore, but any time a clip like this comes up and I watch it the disparity is nevertheless astonishing.

20 years ago today in Albany, Steve Austin drove a Coors Light truck to the ring, pulled out a hose, and absolutely soaked Vince McMahonShane McMahon, and The Rock. Gun to my head, I think it’s my favorite WWE Raw clip of all-time. Vince McMahon swimming laps in the middle of the ring slays me every time.

The only thing I wish was different would be for Jim Ross to be on the call.

It bears repeating how bonkers into it this audience was. Just imagine being in that time and place and how awesome it would be.

Also, those 20 years went so damn fast.