It Looks Like Chris Paul is Denying Trade Rumors Because Nobody Wants Him

Bobby Burack

Not long after Vincent Goodwill reported Chris Paul wanted to be traded from Houston, both Paul and Rockets general manager Daryl Morey went to social media to deny the report.

Sure, this isn’t the first report/denial situation that has divided sports fans, but there is an explanation for this one right in our faces. And that is both Paul and the Rockets have pivoted to denial after learning there is literally no trade market for the point guard. On CBSSN’s Time to ScheinShams Charania explained how bad it is:

Combining Goodwill’s resume and Charania’s report, it sure is hard to sit back and believe what Paul is saying. There is nothing more demoralizing for an NBA player’s reputation than wanting to be traded but having literally zero teams express interest. In a vacuum, there are destinations that make sense, but it doesn’t come as a surprise that no one wants him in reality. Paul is 34, has a long history of injuries, is in decline, and has a contract that would destroy any team’s flexibility. Not exactly a catch, is he?

Houston fans have to be devastated right about now. The Warriors finally are expected to take a step back next season and the Rockets project to be one of the NBA’s biggest messes. This is close to the worst case scenario. Windows close in sports, and this one looks like it slammed shut.