It'd Be Surprising If Kawhi Leonard Didn't Wear His Own Jerseys On Vacation

Kyle Koster
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard marches to the beat of his own drummer and that internal drummer plays some experimental stuff. But you have to respect him for taking the wisdom of Hamlet to heart. To his own self, he remains perpetually true.

We could always safely assume that the future NBA Hall of Famer wears his own jerseys out in public during free time. Now we know for sure, thanks to the always-helpful paparrazzi.

Sleeveless is the way to go in Cabo. Smart choice. And one could argue that it's weirder for an NBA great to wear another man's name and number out in public. Seems like a beta move.

All of this to say, it'd be more surprising if Leonard didn't wear his own uniforms on his own time. Get back to us when someone unearths a picture of him wearing something else.